WaterDoor can be manufactured completely bespoke or supplied in a range of standard sizes


Flood Control Products

The components are produced to the very highest standards using cast and extruded aluminium with steel tubes and stainless steel fittings.

WaterDoor uses a Patented system (Patent No.2371068) to ensure an extremely quick and robust assembly of the defence barrier and an equally quick and easy removal back into storage.

WaterDoor is a quick and easy to use concept.

WaterDoor makes use of two vertical channels fitted at either side of the door entry, that allow the lightweight individual panels to be dropped into position.

WaterDoor panels have their own rubber seal that, when compressed by the WaterDoor fixing sequence, form a completely watertight barrier.

The use of these small lightweight panels allows for the very quick setting up of the barrier and once finished can be easily dismantled and stored away inconspicuously.

Flood Control Products


Available in any size with a maximum of 120cm wide and100cm high. 

WaterDoor is available as a complete kit, subject to confirmation of dimensions required.


It should be fitted externally between two opposing, solid, vertical structures.

WaterDoor barrier system is a made to measure system that requires precise measurements to ensure correct installation. We cannot give a cost for this product on the web however a quotation will be given after a full site survey.

A full installation kit, with instructions will be supplied.

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